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Jay Tow, M.S.

Counselor, Life Management and Relationship Coach
Certified Sexologist

"What my clients say about me."

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JT has been the best influence in my life. I never would have dreamed of getting an internship with a major record label prior to my sessions with J.

For many years I struggled with self-destructive behavior and severe anxiety. J gave me all the tools I would ever need to live a happy and successful life.

I could not be more thrilled with the results I have experienced.

Thank you J.



My new year has been off to a great start.  

I wanted to let you know that even though life is sometimes quite bizarre, ****** and I are doing extremely well and I am so happy I made this decision and was able to move on. Kind of kicking myself that I did not do it any earlier...but I guess there is always a time and place for everything in life. I truly feel like a big dark cloud has been lifted from me and that after so many years of unhappiness I can finally see clearly now again.

I want to thank you for all you help during these difficult months. You certainly helped me get to this point and especially now in retrospect a lot of the things you said make even more sense.

I wish you all the best for the new year and continued success with your work.



Dear J,

I don't know how to even to begin how my life has changed for the BEST; not even better, because we both know I still have a long way to go.  I came to you in Dec 2005 not even knowing who this 35 yr. old woman was anymore. I'm still just learning. The point is: I didn't have any options left. I was on a one way ticket to hell.

Today I have some faith. You, my Mom, and my boyfriend are the only things I have and today I consider that  amazing. You gave me this gift of faith and hope to go on with my life.  I was in a bad place and had nothing left (or so I thought.)

Slowly, little by little I'm clearing the wreckage of my past and am seeing a glimmer of serenity and hope. I am proud of myself in putting my trust in you. You are truly the one sane constant in my life. I had nothing of myself left to give, or so I thought.  I had never stuck w/anything and had no trust left to give. You changed that and for that I will be forever grateful.

I think it was the compassion of which you felt my pain.  Never judging me, always showing me a way a gentler way to learn.  How to begin to change everything about the old me and find the real me.  That person was so hidden behind shame, guilt, pain and addiction that I was clueless.

I have bad days, weeks, but today I know there is another way to live and I owe all that to you and sticking by your guidance even when I disagreed.  My gut said keep going there. He will help you. I never was so scared seeking help and walking thru your door has been the smartest accomplishment I ever made. I don't know where I or my life would be; or if I even would be alive without your help.


You have always picked up the phone or called right back when I reached out to you.  For that in its self is a lifesaver to me. You believe in me when I didn't. Only today, I do, because of you. Really- Not saying that to sound queer but absolute truth from my heart.  Again- thank you for you, and also to your family who have had their time interrupted due to my chaos.



I have been seeing JT for a while now. When I first started seeing J I was an emotional wreck. I was depressed all the time and did not know how to really become a social person.

I have improved so much with J's help. He has been such a tremendous help to my life emotionally. 

He has always been there to help me when I felt lost or confused. I cant thank him enough for what he has done for me.

I am still working on some issues in my life, but with the mental tools J has given me will help me get through them.

Thank you so much, J.


I have been seeing JT for about three years now.  I think everyone can use a little J in their lives.  Thanks to him I have learned so much about myself and how to cope with who or more like what I am.

I still have some work to do, but with him on my side I know I am much closer today than I have ever been.


I was paralyzed emotionally.  Passively going through life without risking emotion of any kind.  On the exterior, it appeared I had everything under control; career, family, friends to laugh with, the admiration of the opposite sex.  I was smothering my pain with activities, people, places, and things.

In reality, I was numb.  I lacked the awareness to accept my own fears, and acknowledge the price I was paying to live in the comfort of denial.

JT has given me is the courage to accept that I'm not in control of everything, nor do I need to be, to be happy.  He's given me the peace to accept that life is a journey, unique to each of us.  The ride is full of discovery; and whether the road is smooth or bumpy, we never stop growing...

But when in pain, we may need a little help to forgive ourselves, to make peace with what has been dwelt to us, and to carry on and build a mansion out of what appears to be rubble.  It's hard.  But to strive for balance and be able to trust love again... it's worth it.

Be brave, and take the steps to trust someone again.  J will help you find the keys...


Thanks, J.  Let's keep building!


About 2 years ago (how long have I been seeing you?), a friend of mine recommended that I contact JT.  I had talked to at least 15 different therapists in my lifetime so I was not real optimistic about seeing yet another one. 

I did not believe J when he told me that we could work through things together, and I never would have predicted the progress I have made while working with him. 

I'm amazed at how far I have come with his help.  It's worth contacting him - what have you got to lose?


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Jay Tow, M. S.
Counselor, Life Management and Relationship Coach